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Cash For Junk Cars

The donation requirements for old cars have changed, greatly limiting the amount that you can write off on your taxes for them. A few years ago you could donate a car and instantly write off the book value of the vehicle. Today, you have to wait for the charity to actually sell the auto and then you can only write off what they sell it for. However, there is still a way that you can make money off that car that’s been sitting in the driveway, rusting away.Fast Payment
We are in the business of buying old cars. Running cars are great, but we also buy cars that don’t start at all. Even cars that have been wrecked and declared a total loss by the insurance company are of interest to us. We will provide you with a fast and fair payment, based on the condition of the car. You will get far more than you as a tax write-off, and you will have the money in your hand faster.

Any Condition

We don’t care what condition the car is in or why you stopped using it. Bent frames, water damage, blown engines are no problem for us. If it’s meant to be driven on the roadways then we are interested in purchasing it from you.

Most Models

We take most makes and models of cars. Whether you have a conversion van that finally died or a compact car that has been wrecked, we will be interested in making the purchase. It doesn’t matter if it’s thirty years old or only 1 year old. Before you let the insurance company tow it away for a pittance or donate it to charity, consider giving us a call to see what price we can offer.

Fast, Safe and Convenient

Selling a car on your own can be dangerous, because you never know who will show up at your door to look at it. It’s also time-consuming and a major hassle. Even if you list the car with all its problems, people will still want to talk you down on price based on those issues. We will offer you a fair price, and you will be working with a reputable, trustworthy company. Don’t waste time dealing with strangers and waiting for the right buyer. Call us for a fast, safe and convenient transaction.

The best part of our service is that we will come to your property and tow the vehicle away at no charge to you. Even if it’s been sitting there for years and you think the axles may be locked up, we can tow it away for you. You will be left with more space on your property and some spending money to go enjoy.